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Floorkrete flooring system comes from MULTICHEM GROUP with cumulative experience of more than 50 years in civil industry.

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Cementitious Flooring: Leveltop, FloorTop, Floorscreed, Microtop
Our Cementitious Flooring products offer high-strength and also cement-based flooring systems provide effective waterproofing, resistance to impact, thermal attach, abrasion and chemicals thus providing protection for many years. Common concrete floors are normally rough with undulation. For smoothing of such surface, LevelTop is used. FloorTop rejuvenates damaged concrete floors. Concrete floors in drive ways, parking areas, basement, commercial premises ares best protected with innovative products: LevelTop, FloorTop, FloorScreed and Microtop.
Epoxy Flooring: Floorscreed EP
Epoxy Flooring Floorscreed systems and overlays are formulated specifically to have physical characteristics that show excellent abrasion, impact and high chemical resistance for commercial and industrial floors. Epoxy floors can be customised to desired colour, texture, design and effects. Terrazzo, StoneSho, Flakes, Self-Levelled, Epoxy Screed, Anti-static, Anti-dust are some of the options available in epoxy resin flooring. For aesthetic look, durability, maintenance-free and safety, epoxy flooring is the best choice. Products are available in solvent borne, solvent free and waterborne.
Polyurethane Flooring: Floorthane
Floorkrete offers polyurethane and polyaspartic flooring systems. Floorkrete polyurethane products are formulated to have UV resistance properties and are used as a top coat over epoxy floors to prevent the surface from yellowing in direct sunlight. PU Floors are commonly used in applications where epoxy may not be suitable. These coatings are also scratch resistant. In commercial applications, we often apply a clear polyurethane coat over an epoxy floor, as a protective non scratch layer. Another common application of polyurethane floors are in freezing chambers. It creates an elastic surface that allows the frequent movement of pallet trucks without any damage.
Fast Turnout Flooring: Floorfast
FloorFast system include its low curing temperature, high scratch resistance, and low glare matte satin finish. FloorFast is the perfect resin flooring solution for a facility when minimal downtime is available.If your scenario only allows for a small window of downtime, our fast cure FloorFast flooring can be installed after hours, and be ready to walk on the next morning when your facility opens. FloorFast's innovative formulation allows the floor to seep into the concrete or wood substrate while curing, so it becomes part of the sub-floor. It forms an incredibly strong bond that will be non-porous, waterproof, and antimicrobial. It will clean, fresh and attractive with modern look.
Hygiene Flooring: FloorFresh
HYGIENE IS ABOUT THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, FROM FLOOR TO CEILING. Floors are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria if they aren't cleaned properly, especially in food and health type environments. Floorkrete, we invented FloorFresh safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding to meet the hygiene needs of your business. Do you require a product that adheres to the strict hygiene requirements needed in places such as hospitals or kitchens? FloorFresh Coatings have the solution. As such, hygienic resin flooring is the most reliable and effective flooring for laboratories, food processing plants or pharmaceutical companies.
Stone Effect Flooring: StoneSho
Stone Effect Flooring has been designed to reflect the natural beauty of blended stone and special epoxy for indoors and outdoors, offering our clients the creative option of coloured stones aggregates of various shapes and sizes. You can easily complement the overall design theme of your home and outdoor areas, from your home, offices, garage and patio to a playroom or basement recreation room. With unlimited combinations of natural stone colors, each stone mix is truly one-of-a-kind, creating a look that is uniquely yours. Custom designs such as logos and borders can be created with StoneSho flooring.
Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins Flooring: Floorchem
The Flookrete Floorchem VE range of seamless coatings and lining systems consists of shrink-free, modified vinyl ester resin offering superior protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents.
Car Park Flooring: Traffideck, Trafficoat, Deckcoat
Floorkrete car park floor and deck coatings are designed for highest demand for every garage and multi-level car park application protecting concrete floors free from abrasion and damage. Floorkrete treated floor will withstand heavy traffic, impacts and automotive chemicals to ensure a long lasting and effective surface. Floorkrete car park products are designed to be environmentally sustainable and be able to enhance visual appearance and light reflectivity and to prevent water ingress into any car parking structure.
Hybrid Flooring: Floorcem
Hybrid flooring is either cementitious epoxy or cementitious urethane flooring which are recommended for conditions requiring the maximum mechanical, physical and chemical resistance with indoor and outdoor application. It is a non-toxic product in case of contact with food products and drinking water.
Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Flareon Resipox & Resithane
The most common applications are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and offices where Metallic Epoxy Flooring can be useful .
Terrazzo Flooring: Terrazzo
Terrazzo flooring dates back to Ancient Rome where its vibrant, wear-resistant, eye-catching and flexible qualities were popular with architects building the first modern empire.
Decorative Flooring: MultiFlakes, MultiQuartz & Realcrete
Decorative flooring solutions in epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea and concrete provide long term durability. We identify and offer what you need to develop a decorative floor coating solution for you. Each floor is custom-specified, manufactured and installed based on your desired performance criteria.
Floor Coatings: Floorcoat
We have floor coating solutions available for virtually any industry including manufacturing environment, industrial, education, food services, automotive showrooms, hospitals, commercial buildings. It is also formulated for use as Antiskid, Antistatic, Antidust flooring.
Floor Cleaning Products: MultiKleen & Vapourgard
The most common means to address flooring failures due to moisture vapor is to apply moisture vapor barrier (MVB) coating, VAPOURGARD on the surface of the concrete slab.
Floor Primers & Sealers: Floorprime, Floorseal
CHOOSE THE BEST PRIMING AND SEALING PRODUCT FOR DURABLE FLOOR PERFORMANCE: FloorPrime and Floorseal products create right condition for successful performance of floor top coatings. With wide range of products, selection is easy to inhance floor conditions.
Dielectric Insulation Coatings: Electrogard
At Floorkrete, we offer resin based single component coating and two/three component high build epoxy coating for Electric Insulation. This provides excellent electrical insulation properties with thermal stability, humidity and corrosion resistance.
Polished Concrete Flooring: Mirrorcrete
Mirrorcrete: Polished concrete floors are unique designs with ultimate no-wax flooring system. With the proper floor hardeners, sealers and grinding equipment, concrete polishing floors, whether new or old, a high-gloss finish is achieved. With superior durability and performance of concrete, and it's no wonder why retail, commercial warehouse and office facilities, and even homeowners are catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors.
Cementitious Floor Hardeners: FloorHard
FloorHard: Metallic, non-metallic and liquid floor hardeners are used to increase abrasion resistance of cementitious floors.
Antistatic, ESD & Conductive Floorings: ElectroShield
We have flooring coatings solutions available for virtually any industry including manufacturing environment, industrial, education, food services, automotive showrooms, hospitals, commercial buildings. The products are formulated for use as Antistatic, ESD, and conductive flooring.
Acid, Alkali & Solvent Resistant Flooring: FloorScreed EP(R)
Our chemical resistant floorings have excellent resistance to acid, alkalies and multiple of solvents and protect concrete and metal floors.