Car Park Flooring: Traffideck, Trafficoat, Deckcoat

Floorkrete car park floor and deck coatings are designed for highest demand for every garage and multi-level car park application protecting concrete floors free from abrasion and damage. Floorkrete treated floor will withstand heavy traffic, impacts and automotive chemicals to ensure a long lasting and effective surface. Floorkrete car park products are designed to be environmentally sustainable and be able to enhance visual appearance and light reflectivity and to prevent water ingress into any car parking structure.

Car Park Flooring: Traffideck, Trafficoat, Deckcoat

Car Park Flooring TraffiDeck®, TraffiCoat®


Whether you are a corporate company, a developer or a real estate builder, designing and building a car park can be stressful. The type of flooring you will use when making car park flooring is the most important factor. With so many options available in the market, it is difficult to decide which flooring is best for your parking space.


•    Our wide range of durable and attracitve flooring system - TraffiDeck®  and TraffiCoat®  are designed to meet specific requirement of groud level floors, intermediate decks, ramps and sloping entrace suface. DeckCoat coatings are desinged to mark specific zones.  

•    Floorkrete® car park flooring systems are available in a wide range of color options,  textures and UV resistance, which ensures freedom of design such as multiple colour design, waterdproofing properties, high abrasion resistant for turning points, light colours for cool roof requirement.

•    With chemical resistance properties, Floorkrete® system for car park and  garages are resistant to typical stresses, such as traffic loads, de-icing salts and automotive fluids as well as atmospheric conditions.

•    With innovative design of floor joints, Multichem's MultiFlex Joint offers reduced vibrations and traffic noice for car parks.


Benefits of Car Par Flooring


The benefits of Best Epoxy Flooring for Car Park includes:

•    Durability

•    Improve light reflectivity

•    Impact resistance and high abrasion resistance

•    Visually Appealing

•    Cost Effective

•    Easy to Clean

•    Wide Variety of Colours & Pattern Variations


Car Parking Flooring Advantages & Uses

•    Car Park Flooring Solutions / Systems can be used in Mall, Factories , Restaurants, Residencies , Institutes , Business Center etc.

•    It  has Anti Skid Properties which is non toxic & Environment friendly.

•    High Mechanical Strength

•    Easy to Clean and has Low Maintenance


We offer the best epoxy and PU base flooring solutions for car parking flooring with quality products at competitive prices.


At Floorkrete, we provide complete solution under one roof for  Car Parking with best quality finish and long term durability.

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