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Floorkrete is the creation of Multichem Team Members


Floorkrete is the creation of Multichem Team Members

India and Indian citizen have been in forefront of developing exceptionally innovative technologies in the world with highly userfriendly application techniques. Floorkrete is one such technologically developed system for Indian and International market with best value for money of the client. Developed completely in India with strong base in research and development, we are here to offer the 'best of concrete flooring' for our country and worldover. What more? These floors are completely environmental friendly.

Rejuvenate your Concrete Floors into Signature Floors with Floorkrete Systems

If you dream to have floor which is nowhere else or your creative ideas need to be floored. Just apply Floorkrete Systems and your concrete floor get rejuvenated to Super durable floor with significantly enhanced performance, cleanliness, aesthetic, safety and sustainability of your premises. You become the owner of 'Signature Floor'.


Flooring Yours Ideas

Floorkrete flooring systems comes with more than 50 years of cumulative experience. The best solution can only be offered only if management has successful management, correct application of products, and development of new technologies for challenging problems. In coordination with our customers, research & development team and application team, we have been successfully offering products and solution. Our journey continues with more and more solutions for years to come.

You will be floored by superior performance of Floorkrete

Floorkrete is just not beautiful but will last beyound your immagination. Be it the harsh chemical, toughest abbression or operating temperature of extreme .


Floorkrete converts Ordinary concrete floors into extraordinary, highly durable and beautifull floors

Flookrete has unique technology which transforms gray, ugly and uneven concrete floor into a beautiful floor. We solve flooring problems by analyzing the needs of your facility and offer the right systems for each location.Our flooring solutions offer systems that are designed for the toughest environments.

With our comprehensive testing procedures and long years of experience, we will correctly define the specific challenges of your work environment and advise the most effective surface solution that meets the demands of your floor.


You will be floored by superior performance of Floorkrete


Floorkrete is just not beautiful but will last beyond your imagination. Use it to feel it.


*   All our projects are carried out only by company's trained and certified contractors with continuous monitoring from us.

*   We give you a warranty that covers both our workmanship and products we us.

*   We provide a detailed procedure of workmanship.

*   All flooring works are carried out with a wide range of equipment to handle any size project.

*   We provide concrete and surface testing using latest technology available.

*   Our role starts from concept design till the finish of flooring.

*   We are proud Indian manufacturer with total products developed in-house surpassing any international standard.


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We are fully aware that our customers are the catalyst to our business' growth. We are highly grateful to our clients for giving us an opportunity to serve them.

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