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Offices need flooring applications that are both aesthetic and easy to maintain. With people coming and going on a regular basis, office flooring needs to be durable while not sacrificing its luster. Floorkrete's products solutions are the perfect fit for any office space for their beauty and durability. Our flooring applications are easy to maintain and are durable enough to withstand the traffic within offices.

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LevelCrete is an advance resin modified underlayment designed to be applied 0 to 50mm thickneness.

PolishiT has been developed technically advanced cement based flooring screed with self smoothing which can be polished to mirror finish look.

FloorPrime AC: A special polymer, primarily designed to prime the concrete surface and seal the loose particles

FloorPrime EP5105: Two-component, deep penetrating epoxy primer/sealer for concrete and metal surfaces.

StoneSho is a two component epoxy based floor coating system used as a floor coat for commercial areas.

FloorCEM EPC is a high performance three component epoxy modified self-smoothing screed designed as surface damp underlayment and topping in water flash zone area.

FloorCem PUC36: Polyurethane and inorganic binder floor coating for dampproof overlay, 3-6mm thickness for cold and hot temperature application.

Flareon Resipox is a pigmented, 100% olid (VOC free), two-component metallic epoxy resin system.

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