Epoxy Flooring: Floorscreed EP

Epoxy Flooring Floorscreed systems and overlays are formulated specifically to have physical characteristics that show excellent abrasion, impact and high chemical resistance for commercial and industrial floors. Epoxy floors can be customised to desired colour, texture, design and effects. Terrazzo, StoneSho, Flakes, Self-Levelled, Epoxy Screed, Anti-static, Anti-dust are some of the options available in epoxy resin flooring. For aesthetic look, durability, maintenance-free and safety, epoxy flooring is the best choice. Products are available in solvent borne, solvent free and waterborne.

Epoxy Flooring: Floorscreed EP

Epoxy Based Concrete/Metal Floor Screed Flooring


Floorkrete offers a wide range of products and technologies in Epoxy Floor Screed Flooring when it comes to commercial and industrial resinous flooring systems. Normally minimum thickness applied is 1mm. These systems are very customizable with a broad array of applications, making them suitable for any environment.

Epoxy floor coating systems and overlays are formulated specifically to have physical characteristics that show excellent abrasion, impact and high chemical resistance (For severe chemicals attack, refer acid, alkali and solvent resistant products ). They are easy to maintain, cost-effective, customizable to any look or design and offer solutions that meet safety requirements such as slip and fire resistance.  Concrete/metal Floor Screed flooring can be used to restore old damaged floors or installed on new floors to protect against premature deterioration of concrete due to dirt, oil, and chemical contamination.


Chemical Resistant Flooring Coating Solutions 


Chemical resistant flooring coating solutions are a crucial addition to many facilities. These flooring solutions help facilities - that manufacture and/or utilize chemicals on a daily basis - protect their floors from harmful damage. Epoxy flooring systems are available in a variety of colours that can be applied either as one solid colour or multiple colours for improved on-site safety and traffic flow. FloorScreed EP products and FloorShield floor coating has a wide range of applications in different industries including: pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetic, medical, chemical, electrical, aviation, warehouse and many more.


Factory, Warehouse, or Garage Benefit From Epoxy Flooring


The durability & ability of epoxy floor coating helps reduce the risk of cracked concrete in the workplace, especially those floors with massive traffic, including vehicles, machines, and feet. 

Epoxy coating is designed to withstand the heavy loads of forklifts, tractors, and other machinery. Modern epoxy coatings can quickly protect against oil spills, stains, gasses, chemical exposure, high temperature, and other types of abrasion that can occur daily. 

Additionally, epoxy paint offers a durable finish to the whole floor and a quality coating that can last for decades. 


Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring Surface - Epoxy & Concrete Screed Flooring


As the epoxy & concrete screed floor becomes slip resistant, you can contribute to the safety of your daily routine & duty as an employee. 

There comes a variety of finishes in an epoxy coating that supports extra anti-slip additives. It helps minimize accidents at the workplace and also improves safety at the workplace. 


Epoxy Self Leveling FloorScreed® 


Epoxy Self Leveling Floor Screed such as FLOORSCREED EP(L)-5345  is commonly used on pre-existing levelled concrete floors to make the finished area flat and smooth. We provide reliable epoxy floor screed that is suitable for any floor. This epoxy floor screed gives you a smooth surface and the right material for you. We manufacture and distribute floor screed suitable for any project. ELECTROSHIELD ( refer this section ) epoxy flooring is used for electrostatic dissipative and electric conductive floorings with suitable primers.


Epoxy based Heavy Duty Concrete FloorScreed EP(H)


Floorkrete has the following Range of Epoxy Floor Screed Flooring and Concrete FLOORSCREED EP(H)-5301 is a high-performance heavy-duty epoxy floor screed. Chemical and abrasion resistant floor screed. 4 mm to 6 mm thickness for effective performance. Anti-skid floors. Can be easily cleaned. This screed is mainly used in heavy loading production plants, shop floors, workshops, hangers, fabrication plants etc.


Epoxy Floor Screed Uses 


Epoxy Floor Coating is developing in recognition all throughout  India.  From storage floors to garages and for industry use, to basements, to laundry rooms, epoxy coating is selected as a durable, affordable, and appealing solution. With such a lot of attractive alternatives to pick from the possibilities are limitless.

Commercial makes use of epoxy screed flooring to encompass the resort and hospitality industry, hospitals, retail stores, business showrooms, and warehouses. Epoxy floor coating used in lots of industrial and institutional centers that consist of production centers, schools, and churches.


The durability of Epoxy Flooring


Apart from producing an aesthetically satisfying finish, epoxy flooring gives high-impact resistant floors. There's always an issue with seamed floors that they have chemicals and stains, plus liquid, dirt, and dust resistance. However, floors with grout have the durability advantages of epoxy floor coating

Epoxy coating is expected to last 5 years to 20 years years in a high-traffic area where there are many vehicles, machinery movement, or even foot traffic. The floor's life increases when appropriately maintained; you can expect it to last 10, 20, or more years in lower-traffic areas. It's easy to patch worn areas, requiring little downtime due to rapid application and quick curing. 


Epoxy Floor Screed Installation Process


Whether you have a warehouse or industrial heavy duty floors or are a homeowner who wants to upgrade your two-car garage to a personal workspace, we at Floorkrete work with you to provide you with the best epoxy resin coating you want according to your needs. 

However, to ensure maximum bonding, the surfaces must be clean and free from loose dust particles, moisture, oil, grease, and any other previous coating. 

The new concrete should be at least 28 days old, free from curing compounds & sealers, and moisture vapor, and should include a moisture content of less than 5%. The temperature of the application should be 40 degrees Celsius & relative humidity should be less than 85%. 


The Process


  • After you contact us, we will consider your needs and note all the requirements according to the space. 
  • After that, we suggest our customized solution and flooring options that can fit your space's specific needs. 
  • After you authorize the project, sit back & relax and leave the rest to us while we apply the new screed to the existing concrete. 


Here’s How we Apply Epoxy Flooring 


Preparation of Concrete Surface 


Before applying an epoxy coating, the new slab of concrete floor cures appropriately for 30 to 60 days. The concrete floor must be cleaned deeply with no dust or dirt particles left. 

Surface Priming

Once the floor is cleaned, we apply suitable primer ( refer this page for more details) before it receives epoxy coating.

Mixing the Components 


You can choose from the range of epoxy flooring, which is necessary for mixing all the essential components, and a forced action mixes these required proportions of components. 

Three-component system 

  • Epoxy Resin 
  • Epoxy Hardener 
  • Special Fillers



Without waiting momentarily, the mixer is used all over the primed cover. Other related coats are applied. Lastly, the outer layer, considered the most important later, is applied. 


You can check these applications with short explanations:

1.Floor Seal 

  • Light duty
  • Up to 150 micrometers in thickness
  • Two or more coats are applied


2. Floor Coating

  • Light duty or medium duty
  • 150 µm to 300 µm in thickness
  • Two or more coats are applied


3. High build floor coating

  • Medium duty 
  • 300 µm to 1000 µm in thickness
  • Two or more coats are applied
  • Generally solvent-free


4. Multi-layer flooring

  • Medium duty or heavy duty
  • >2 mm in thickness
  • Sandwich system of multiple layers of epoxy floor coating or flow applied floorings


5. Flow applied flooring

  • Medium duty or heavy duty
  • 2 mm or 3 mm in thickness
  • It has a smooth surface
  • Known as  self-smoothing or  self-leveling flooring


6. Resin Screened flooring

  • Medium duty or  heavy duty
  • >4 mm in thickness
  • Includes a surface seal coat to reduce porosity


7. Heavy-duty flowable flooring

  • Heavy duty or very heavy duty
  • 4 mm or 6 mm in  thickness
  • It finished with smooth surface


8. Heavy-duty resin flooring

  • Very heavy duty
  • >6 mm in thickness
  • The seamless surface & impervious layer


Advantages of High Build Epoxy Floor Screed Flooring:


  • Hard wearing and durable finished surfaces
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance and hygienic
  • Slip resistance
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Less expensive than other floor finishing options
  • Quick install and turnaround times
  • Wide range of colors available


Why Choose FloorKrete Epoxy Flooring?


Our Epoxy Screeds are truly designed for heavy duty application, thus protective your base Concrete Floor. What more? It comes with unique designs and colours.


We Offer Unique Epoxy Finishes & Designs with Floor Coating


Are you looking to enhance the look of your stained & cracked floor? Our team of professionals at Floorkrete uses state-of-the-art skills & their years of experience to give your floor a pristine look. 

You can get to know about applying epoxy coatings and other finishes for a distinctive appearance and improved durability. 

If you want epoxy floor screed or coating in these application areas, such as industrial floors, warehouse floors, automotive showrooms, bathrooms, laboratories, assembly & production areas, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, and retail facilities, you can contact us today.

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