Cementitious Flooring: Leveltop, FloorTop, Floorscreed, Microtop

Our Cementitious Flooring products offer high-strength and also cement-based flooring systems provide effective waterproofing, resistance to impact, thermal attach, abrasion and chemicals thus providing protection for many years. Common concrete floors are normally rough with undulation. For smoothing of such surface, LevelTop is used. FloorTop rejuvenates damaged concrete floors. Concrete floors in drive ways, parking areas, basement, commercial premises ares best protected with innovative products: LevelTop, FloorTop, FloorScreed and Microtop.

Cementitious Flooring: Leveltop, FloorTop, Floorscreed, Microtop

Cementitious Flooring


Floorkrete offers technically advanced cement based flooring products with self smoothing and heavy duty underlayaments and overlays. Our Cementitious Flooring products offer high-strength and also cement-based flooring systems provide effective waterproofing, abrasion and chemical resistant protection for many years.


The Floorscreed PL, Leveltop, Microtop and Floortop product range are recognized industry-wide for delivering "The best floor screeds from year 2006".


For damaged concrete floors, it is critical that we repair it before other Floorkrete products are applied.


Cementitious Urethane Flooring Benefits:

  • Offers high abrasion resistance Cementitious Flooring
  • Ready to use products, hence easy to install.
  • Self curing and early strength gain
  • All products for cementitious urethane flooring can be machine applied reducing installation time.
  • Suitable for moisture sensitive floors.


Industrial Cementitious Urethane Flooring: Polymer Modified Flooring

Cementitious Polymer Modified Flooring can be used in any residencial, commercial or industrial setting. It is especially used in the shopping mall, home, office, show rooms and similar industries. Places that use house hold chemicals and to clean floors can benefit greatly from this type of flooring. With topcoating with Clearseal range of products, wide varities of performance can be designed.


Microtopping-Paper Thin Microtop Layer


New design criteria has been natural concrete look, increasingly in demand with architects and designers to create spaces with contemporary aesthetics. Microto is an innovative solution that combines the aesthetic qualities of concrete with the modern requirements of a smart and green space. The creation with Microtop is more 'Close to Nature'.


Floorkrete offers products  for the following flooring:

Decorative Flooring, Car Park Flooring, Epoxy Flooring, Dielectric Insulation Coating, Polyurethane & Polyurea Coating, Vinyl Ester Flooring.


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