Cementitious Floor Hardeners: FloorHard

FloorHard: Metallic, non-metallic and liquid floor hardeners are used to increase abrasion resistance of cementitious floors.

Cementitious Floor Hardeners: FloorHard

Floorkrete: Get the Best Concrete Floor Hardeners!


Concrete hardeners are used as thick densifiers to prevent floors from rough damage. These floor hardeners are utilized for solid protection, strengthening the flooring system, and preserving the inner lining from the base through sealing. Different types of concrete floor hardeners are available as per requirements, like metallic alloy aggregates, synthetic mineral aggregates, natural quartz aggregate, and metallic. 


Floorkrete is the one-stop flooring solution for companies to renovate structured floor designs. We share the best services for cementitious floor hardeners that keep the floor system static & strong even with persistent usage. 


Cementitious Concrete Hardener


Floorkrete brings an effective solution for companies dealing with flooring complexities. Our floor hardeners increase resistance under the floor tiles faster. Our material can be applied to existing floors using a spray for liquid floor hardeners, such as Solarshield Ferrostrong, Chemstrong Quartzstrong, Superdensifil, Ultradensifil, and Emerystrong.  


We are a renowned brand to provide top-class concrete floor hardener services. It works well with different flooring types, making more rigid shells outside to promote durability & abrasion resistance. Our professional team will deliver quality services to clients with effective solutions for their disrupted surfaces with floor hardeners. 


Benefits You Can Expect With Our Floor Hardeners


  • We bring a variety of flooring solutions as per the client’s office or business premises compatibility. Contact us for services related to fast turnout flooring, cementitious flooring, metallic floor hardener, Epoxy flooring, and non-metallic floor hardeners.

  • These floor hardeners are suitable for companies dealing in heavy-duty operations 

  • Resistant flooring solution that restricts the rise of groundwater levels

  • Waterproof properties to deliver more concrete protection. It accelerates the overall outlook of flooring design & alleviates the appearance

  • More durability with cost-effective floor repair & maintenance using floor hardeners

  • Our different product designs for managing floorings are dry shake floor hardeners, liquid floor hardeners, and floor hard consolideck - floor hardeners additives.


Trust Floorkrete: Get the Top Flooring Solutions!


Companies invest large amounts of money in order to design the architecture of their business premises or industries. Floorkrete works effectively for multiple sectors with impeccable flooring solutions like concrete floor hardeners. Our exclusive services for FloorHard, including metallic & non-metallic floor hardeners and liquid floor hardeners, can be utilized to upgrade the abrasion resistance of cementitious floors.


Floorkrete has been involved in the service for more than 50 years of enhanced experience. We offer a range of best solutions to ensure efficient management, correct product application, and innovative technology advancement. Coordinate with our professional team, who will perform research & development to design the work. Floorkrete can convert the ordinary concrete floor into a remarkable structure design that stays for a long time and derives more value for the money invested. 


Visit our website & explore our portfolio to witness our impactful flooring solutions like concrete hardeners. We will redesign the perfect one for you! 



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