Cementitious Floor Hardeners: FloorHard

FloorHard: Metallic, non-metallic and liquid floor hardeners are used to increase abrasion resistance of cementitious floors.

Cementitious Floor Hardeners: FloorHard

Floor Hardeners : FloorHard

Cementitious Floor Hardeners are used to increase abrasion resistance of concrete floors. This is done by either adding the additives to green concrete or surface applied as dry shake when concrete is green. For existing concrete floors, liquid floor hardeners are use by spray. SolarShield Ferrostrong, ChemStrong Quartzstrong, Emerystrong, SuperDensifil, UltraDensifil, HiperDensifil.


Concrete Floor Hardener

We're an acclaimed service provider of Concrete Floor Hardener Services to our huge clientele base. It's used to decorate plain concrete floors and also give a harder shell that's vastly further durable and abrasion resistant than the plain concrete one. Using proper operation procedures, our professionals make it possible to gain an appealing and well gutted floor. This floor is also slip resistant. We've gained huge praise from our clients for the effectiveness of Floor Hardeners in the form of high rising demands in the market.


Benefits of Floor Hardeners:

  • Remarkably increases the impact, abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for heavy duty operations.
  • Lifetime cost of flooring repair and maintenance.
  • It improves the floor's appearance.
  • Imparts waterproofing properties to the floor.
  • Resists capillary rise of ground water.


Concrete Floor Hardeners are a permanent, transparent sealer that protects underlying concrete from damage caused by chemicals and contaminants.


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