Stone Effect Flooring: StoneSho

Stone Effect Flooring has been designed to reflect the natural beauty of blended stone and special epoxy for indoors and outdoors, offering our clients the creative option of coloured stones aggregates of various shapes and sizes. You can easily complement the overall design theme of your home and outdoor areas, from your home, offices, garage and patio to a playroom or basement recreation room. With unlimited combinations of natural stone colors, each stone mix is truly one-of-a-kind, creating a look that is uniquely yours. Custom designs such as logos and borders can be created with StoneSho flooring.

Stone Effect Flooring: StoneSho

Explore StoneSho: Excellent Stone Effect Flooring by Floorkrete!


Stone effect flooring is getting popular in the market as it brings an elegant design to the floor surface built with natural stones. It is made with natural stones based on minerals of sandstone, limestone, travertine, granite, marble, and artificial stone products. Many industries utilize this flooring to make their commercial floors attractive to visitors. These designs are appealing and built with a solid base, making them more durable and long-lasting. 


Floorkrete is the best solution for flooring design! We work on multiple roadmaps & design work to convert ordinary floors into impressive ones. Stone flooring is easier to clean and has durable floors & hard-wearing covers to bring enough protection. Choose us to redesign your commercial complex or office premise with impactful stone flooring that uplifts your brand name. 


StoneSho: The Ultimate Stone Flooring Solution! 


Floorkrete works with the best architects & engineers with years of experience building the best flooring models. We bring the ultimate hack to overcome flooring defects - StoneSho! This StoneSho flooring brings a non-slippery texture with enhanced looks of natural stone. Our team selects the most precious stones for floor design. 


Floorkrete uses stone effect flooring to improve the leveling and add aesthetically appealing outlooks. We consult with our clients to outline their demands & expectations, discussion on materials & stones, and cost-effective models.


Core Benefits


  • StoneSho can provide static structure and durability to the floors with low maintenance requirements

  • Our Stone effect flooring is easy to clean and provides hygienic after effects

  • StoneSho is prominently used to fetch an incredible look that portrays a more realistic surfacing 

  • It amounts to a cost-effective solution to derive more value for money


Top Stylish Stone Flooring You Should Try! 


Whether designing a contemporary setting or a modern design, stone flooring sets perfectly for everyone. Stone floors comprise different materials that exert iconic looks for floors. Natural stone flooring is the most preferable choice to architectural demands. 

  • Slate Stone: One of the most affordable pickups under the spectrum of natural stone flooring. It works best around wet areas under the complexes that include decorative fountains. 

  • Granite Stone: With a color range of olive green, blue & purple shades, and smooth finishing, granite stones are the best ones to go for. It is best suitable for creating an aesthetic look.

  • Marble Stone: Marble floors are too sophisticated and enough for spacious coverages. The most preferable color ranges are black, green, and gray combinations.

  • Limestone: With a rustic texture, this flooring is whitish, brownish, and little gray in color ranges. The smooth texture is resistant to external bacteria and is the best fit for outdoor projects. 


Choose Floorkrete!


Floorkrete is the perfect solution for stone-effect flooring! Contact us to discuss different materials, budgets, and design aspects with our flooring experts and architects. We use natural stone flooring that will work and suit multiple businesses. Explore our product range, like the StoneSho category for stone flooring



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