Fast Turnout Flooring: Floorfast

FloorFast system include its low curing temperature, high scratch resistance, and low glare matte satin finish. FloorFast is the perfect resin flooring solution for a facility when minimal downtime is available.If your scenario only allows for a small window of downtime, our fast cure FloorFast flooring can be installed after hours, and be ready to walk on the next morning when your facility opens. FloorFast's innovative formulation allows the floor to seep into the concrete or wood substrate while curing, so it becomes part of the sub-floor. It forms an incredibly strong bond that will be non-porous, waterproof, and antimicrobial. It will clean, fresh and attractive with modern look.

Fast Turnout Flooring: Floorfast



FloorFast® is based on MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) and polyaspartic polyurea based polymers, popularly used as a commercial and industrial floor coating. Resistant to weak acids, alkalis, and solvents, this system is often touted as one of the better selections in comparison to other flooring solutions. The obvious advantages of a MMA-Methyl Methacrylate Flooring FloorFast system include its low curing temperature, high scratch resistance, and low glare matte satin finish. In addition, FloorFast can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Centigrate. Polyurea Flooring and Methacrylate Flooring systems are quick drying (1 hour cure time) and will cure in cold temperatures as low as -30º C. These systems resist cracking and are ideally suited for chemical processing areas, food processing facilities, exterior decks, freezers, refrigerated warehouses, or any project requiring very rapid return to service.


Methacrylate Flooring & Polyurea Flooring: FLOORFAST 

Hygiene: Floors in food processing industries have to comply with food and consumer goods regulations.

Occupational Safety: For general safety reasons floors in the wet areas need to be slip resistance to avoid risk of slipping.

Quality Standards: Polyurea flooring system should have impact strength, wear resistance and tensile bond strength.

Ship Deck: Ship deck flooring need to withstand heavy load, should have strong bond strength to unstable metal substrate, salt, slip and UV resistance properties.  

Electrostatic Properties: Electrostatic charges must be avoided in many areas to protect people from unpleasant shocks, avoid destruction of electronic component, and prevent possilbe explosion of flammable air mixtures.


FloorFast: Fast Turn Out Flooring Benefits


• Rapid curing - floor can be used and exposed to normal loads after two hours, which means minimal downtimes

Fast turn out flooring coating possible at ambient temperatures of -30 oC to 35 oC

• Good wear resistance

• Seamless and water-tight

• Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and many cleaning agents

• Floorfast coatings can be applied to old substrates


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