Antistatic, ESD & Conductive Floorings: ElectroShield

We have flooring coatings solutions available for virtually any industry including manufacturing environment, industrial, education, food services, automotive showrooms, hospitals, commercial buildings. The products are formulated for use as Antistatic, ESD, and conductive flooring.

Antistatic, ESD & Conductive Floorings: ElectroShield

Antistatic Floor Coatings: Electrostatic Discharge Flooring


Antistatic or Electrostatic  Discharge (ESD) Floor is widely used in many industries, especially in data centers, clean rooms, electronics, warehouses and in the pharmaceutical industry. What is ESD Flooring? Why do we need ESD Floor in these areas? In this section, you can get everything you should know about the industrial flooring.


Static dissipating floor articles are useful in manufacturing locations and in areas where computers or other sensitive electronic equipment is used. The objective of such flooring articles is to reduce static electricity on a person when that person is performing job tasks related to the manufacture of textiles, electronic components, or other products. It is known that static electricity can be generated by rubbing articles together, such as fibers or plastic components. Static electricity can be accumulated on a person's body and be discharged when the person touches a metal or grounded object. Such discharge can be unpleasant or painful to the person and may result in damage to nearby electronic devices or computer-aided instruments. Thus, an ideal flooring article for this situation should provide static dissipating properties to reduce static associated with persons standing on the article and insulating properties to prevent the mat from conducting electricity to persons standing on the article.


This conductivity is important in dissipating charges created in manufacturing locations, clean rooms, and areas where sensitive electronic equipment is in use. Electrical resistance is the property of a material whereby it opposes the flow of an electric current. Electrical resistance is measured in ohms (Ω); one such test for measuring electrical resistance is ASTM F-150. A range of values from that test is shown in Table 1, along with the affiliated industry nomenclature.


Table 1: Industry Nomenclature for Electrical Conductivity for Floors


Classification Electrical Resistance Range (Ohms), ASTM F-150
Insulative       1 × 1013-1 × 1015
Static Dissipative        1 × 106-1 × 1011
Conductive 2.54 × 104-1 × 106
Super Conductive  1 × 101-1 × 104


It is known that electrons are transferred whenever materials rub against each other. One material loses electrons and becomes positively charged, whilst the other gains electrons, and becomes negatively charged. The imbalance in the numbers of positively charged particles (protons) and negatively charged particles (electrons) creates electrostatic energy. This is not a problem as long as the relative air humidity is 65% or more, as the air humidity then compensates sufficiently. When the air is drier, however, there is a greater electrostatic charge. In typically dry environments such as e.g. hospitals and offices, this can lead to the accumulation of a considerable static charge, which is further increased by treating the floors with cleaning agents or cleaning devices. Any isolated contact with a conducting material then leads to a sudden discharge, sometimes also accompanied by tiny electric arcs. This is a disadvantage for sensitive persons such as wearers of pacemakers. Furthermore, particularly sensitive electronic equipment such as patient monitors, cardiographic systems and even computers, printers, laptops and similar, also react negatively to sudden discharges such as these. This can lead to anything from malfunctions to the destruction of individual, particularly sensitive parts of such equipment even in ammunition storage/handling industries to name a few.


Floorkrete offers wide range of antistatic (also called electrostatic discharge (ESD) or electrostatic conductive) flooring products which are highly usefull in preventing harmfull electrical charge builds up by dissipative it to ground.  


The ESD products are speciallly manufactured for use in environments that contain or are handling sensitive components, gases, solvents or even explosives. Industries such as electronics manufacturing, chemical processing, petrochemical processing sectors and  data centres have very prominent usage of these products.


Electroshield ESD flooring systems are self-smoothing, abrsion and chemical resistant, dust proof with extreamly high durability of performance. Being monolithic, there is absolutely water tight floor created, better alternative to tiles or vinyl finishes.


Eletroshield flooring products have option to choose from antistatic to electrostatic dissipation to electrostatic conductive range. Apart from performance based requirement, products can be choosen with good range of surface finish to colours.


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