Two component epoxy based electric insulation coatings for floor and wall

Electrogard ELI-dielectric insulation floor coatings in epoxy


ELECTROGARD ELI is a high performance solvent free two component electric insulation epoxy floor coating. It provides a hard wearing, chemical resistance floor finish for use in most industrial and commercial premises where a high quality floor is required. ELECTROGARD ELI is well suited up to 200 oC.

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Select Parameters


    • High dielectric strength and insulation resistant,
    • High bond  strength,
    • Less than 0.1% porosity with dielectric strength of more than 3000 Volt/25 micron,
    • Seamless and hygienic surface,
    • Abrasion resistance,
    • Easy to apply being composite pack.

Specification Clause

    Should have dielectric strength of more than 300K0 volt/25 micron

Technical Data

    Self leveling properties


    Breakdown voltage from 5 to 53 KV

Project Profile

    Electrogard ELI-3300, two component epoxy coating for 33 KV breakdown voltage applied at Refinery, Rajasthan



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