Epoxy based two component dielectric insualtion coating/flooring



Electroscreed is a two component epoxy based self leveling floor coating. Applied in 1mm thickness with wide range of colours, Electroscreed offers, resistant to acid, alkali and solvents. Once applied, product continues to protect workers from electric hazards in the control panel rooms, and other areas.

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    • High dielectric strength and insulation resistant,
    • High bond  strength with concrete floors,
    • Less than 0.1% porosity
    • Seamless and hygienic surface,
    • Abrasion resistance,
    • Easy to apply being composite pack.

Specification Clause

    Breakdown voltage of 22 KV/mm


    Compressive Strengh > 45 N/mm2

Technical Data

    Coverage: 1.3 Kg/m2/mm


    Bond Strength: 4 N/mm2

Project Profile

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