Floorcem PUC912: Polyurethane hybrid flooring

Floorcem PUC912 is a polyurethane and inorganic binder floor coating for damp-proof overlay, 9-12mm thickness for cold and hot temperature for 130 oC



Floorcem PUC912 is a polyurethane and inorganic binder  floor coating for dampproof overlay, 9-12mm  thickness for cold and hot temperature for 130 oC. It is formulated specifically for the food and  beverage industry. It offers ideal use in “can’t dry” environments, areas subject to thermal cycling, and floors that will see high impact and hot water dumping. Floorcem PUC912 provides thermal shock protection against temperatures up to 130 oC. Floorcem PUC912 is a semi-rigid mortar and moves with the thermally induced expansion and contraction of concrete substrates. Floorcem PUC912 maintains superior chemical resistance to strong oxidizing agents, organic acids and aromatic solvents.

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    Incorporates the latest polymer technology

    High bond strength, hence ensures monolithic performance of the top layer

    Product can be used from -40oC to 130oC.


Specification Clause

    The Floorcem  shall be three  component, hybrid polymer, incorporating micropolymer products.

    Should have bond strength of 2.5 N/mm2 with substrate.

Technical Data

    Uses : Screed on concrete floor, for high abrasion and chemical resistance performance.

    Method of Application : Notch trowel

    Application thickenss : 9-12mm

    Packing : 5kg, 20 kg

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