FloorCoat EP

FloorCoat® EP is a high performance 2 component, Epoxy floor coating. It provides a hard wearing floor finish for use in most industrial and commercial premises where a high quality floor is required.



FloorCoat® EP is a general purpose two component epoxy coating  used for domestic, commercial and industrieal areas for protection of floors against water, dust and chemicals.


  • Concrete floors and slabs in domestic, commercial and industrial areas.
  • Concrete surfaces in factories,
  • Warehouses, industrial plants, workshops, show rooms, clean rooms, service areas, etc.
  • Where low-odor applications are desired


  • Interior


  • Horizontal concrete floors and slabs

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    • Excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces,
    • High mechanical strength, both tensile and compressive,
    • Resistance to oils, fuel, and many chemicals.
    • Abrasion resistance.

Specification Clause

    Shore D hardness should be 80-85.

    Bond strength should be more than 1.5 Mpa 

Technical Data

    Shore D hardness : >80

    Compressive strength: >60 N/mm2

    Pot life: 30 minutes

    Colours: Light Grey, Steel Grey, Light Blue, Green, Signal Yellow, Pastel Green, Sky Blue, Dark Red


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