FloorCoat S ColourShine

FloorCoat® S-ColourShine is a high performance acrylic solvent borne floor coating. It provides a hard wearing floor finish for use in most cementitious exterior and interior domestic and commercial premises where a high quality floor is required.



FloorCoat® S-ColourShine is based on pure acrylic and solvent borne special floor coating used for concrete floors, paver block floors or tiles. Special colours, which are fully UV resistant, are available to give excellent look to existing floors.  Product is also easy to apply, applicator need not be expert, he may not have previous experice of earlier use. Simple surface preparation, application of primer, such as Pavercoat and final two coats of FloorCoat S-ColourShineis will make your concrete long lasting. What more? The total cost of application is very very cost effective. 

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    • Excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces,
    • High mechanical strength,
    • Resistance to oils, fuel, and many chemicals.
    • Highly abrasion resistance.


Specification Clause

    Product should have abrasion resistance to the order of 0.022gm for 1000 revolution.

    It should be based on 100% pure acrylic resin.

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