FloorFast 46

FloorFast 46 system is based on Methyl methacrylate polymer with strong bonding with substrate and fast setting time of 1 hour.



FloorFast 46is part of FloorFast system, based on special fillers with strong bonding with substrate. Product is used in wet area, kitchen, or process area where floor is subjected to heavy traffic, impact or chemical spillage.

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Select Parameters


    Excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces


    High mechanical strength, both tensile and compressive


    Resistance to oils, fuel, and many chemicals


    Abrasion resistance with flexibility

Specification Clause

    Product should be based on  MMA.


    Product should have Compressive strength more than 40 N/mm2


    Product should have tensile  strength more than 10 N/mm2

Technical Data

    Uses: For floors requiring flexibility and fast track applications


    Method of Application: Roller and squeegee.


    Application thickenss: 3-5 mm


    Packing: 10/20 kg

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