FLOORHARD FERROSTRONG: Metallic floor hardener applied as a dry shake on green concrete



FLOORHAR DFERROSTRONG is a dry shake, metallic floor hardener with graded non-oxidising metallic aggregates in a high strength cementitious binder. The product is designed to provide a dense, tough surface capable of withstanding the abrasion and impact loading seen by floor slabs of numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. FLOORHARD FERROSTRONG is also available in additional dark colours to the standard natural gray colour.

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    • Provides a high strength wearing surfaces in areas subject to constant or frequently wet conditions without oxidising.
    • Metallic aggregate is free from rust, oil or other contaminants.
    • Dense surface resists penetration of oil, grease and other liquids.
    • Virtually dust-free floor
    • Can be applied at the coverage rates up to 15 kg/m2.
    • Available in 6 standard colours.
    • Joint shoulders reinforcement

Specification Clause

    FloorHard FerroStong shall be non-rusting metallic floor hardener with increase of more than 30 % increase in abrasion resistance from normal concrete floors.

Technical Data




    Approx. 4-12.5 kg/m2

    Relative Abrasion Resistance:

    (ASTM C779)

    >100% of Plain Cured Concrete (28 days)

Project Profile

    FloorHard FerroStong has been applied as a dry shake to Ashapur warehouse in Purna Village, Bhiwandi.


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