FloorPrime AC

FloorPrime AC: A special polymer, primarily designed to prime the concrete surface and seal the loose particles

floorprime AC, acrylic primer


FloorPime AC is based on special polyer, primarily desiged to price the concrete surface and seal the loose particles. It also avoides formtion of bubles in the top layer. Suppled in blue colour to allow perfect application of FloorPrime in the floor.

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    • Incorporates the latest polymer technology
    • High bond strength, hence ensures monolithic performance of the top layer
    • Waterproofing charastics hence maintains floor leakfree.

Specification Clause

    • The FloorPrime AC shall be single component, hybrid polymer, incorporating micropolymer, with blue colour.
    • Should have bond strength of 0.5 N/mm2 with substrate.


Technical Data


    • Priming of concrete floor, to create good bond for top laymer

    Method of Application

    • Brush, roller, spray

    Application thickenss

    • one to two coats by roller or brush


    • 5kg, 20 kg

Project Profile

    Application of Laveltop at Chemtech House at Vikhroli, Mumbai


    Multichem's FloorPrime AC was applied on concrete floor at Chemtech House to get good bonding of Leveltop ThickNThin self smooting flooring.


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