FloorPrime EP5105

FloorPrime EP5105: Two component epoxy product with extremely low viscosity

Floorprime EP, concrete primer, epoxy primer


FloorPrime EP5105 is a two-component, penetrating epoxy primer/sealer used to prime and seal concrete and metal surfaces. It has very low viscosity with deep penetrating properties.

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    • Low viscosity formulation penetrates and seals concrete pores.
    • Provides superior adhesion to concrete and higher tensile and flexural strengths when compared to conventional polyamide primers Cures at ambient temperatures down to 10ºC.
    • Resistant to amine blush, even when cured at low temperatures and high humidity.
    • Requires zero induction time.

Specification Clause

    Bond Strength: Not less than 1.6 N/mm2 with concrete

Technical Data


    • For priming of concret and steel surface and sealing the pores

    Method of Application:

    • Brush or roller

    Application thickenss:

    • 100 to 200 micron


    • 10 kg

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