FloorThane Electroshield UD 5410

FloorThane Electroshield UD 5410 is a high performance high solids 2 component, pigmented polyurethane floor coating electrostatic dissipation flooring.



FloorThane Electroshield UD 5410 is a high performance highsolids 2component, pigmented polyurethane floor coating. It provides a hard wearing yet flexible floor finish for use in most industrial and commercial premises where a high quality floor with antistatic properties is required.

Concrete floors and slabs surfaces in elctronics, pharamceuticals, assembly lines,
hazardous industries, data processing etc.

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    Excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces

    High mechanical strength

    Resistance to oils, fuel, and many chemicals.

    Abrasion resistance with flexibility.

    Electrostatic dissipating  properties

Specification Clause

    Should have tensile strength of minimum 10 N/mm2

Technical Data

    Uses: As a electrostatic dissipating flooring for hazardous, electronic manufacturing industries

    Method of Application: notche trowel

    Application thickenss: 0.3 mm

    Packing: 10/20 kg

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