FloorThane Electroshield ULD 5411

FloorThane Electroshield ULD 5411: Polyurethane based electrostatic dissipation (ESD), three component self leveling floor coating



FloorThane Electroshield ULD 5411 based on polyurethane resin, is formulated as three component self leveling floor coating for electrostatic dissipation.

Electroshield ULD 5411 is a very low odor, chemical- resistant, aliphatic polyester ESD urethane coating designed to develop electrostatic control properties. Electroshield ULD 5411 produces a non-yellowing, thin-film, semi-gloss to satin finish and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

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    • Extremely low, non offensive odor
    • Wide selection of colors available including near white and bright blues
    • Can be used on decorative flake and quartz floors as a transparent ESD top coat without addition of the color pack.
    • Variable Texture, skid resistance, and abrasion resistance.
    • Consistent resistance to ground without the need of a ground plane primer utilizing conductive particulates and polymers
    • BODY VOLTAGE GENERATION (BVG) below 15 volts with conductive footwear
    • Superior impact and abrasion resistance
    • Dissipates a 5000 volt charge to 0 volts in less than 0.1 seconds
    • Maintains ESD properties throughout the thickness of the applied coating and not dependent humidity for proper conductivity (unlike carbon fiber systems)
    • Seals concrete, protecting against dirt and spills
    • Resists staining and major chemical spills of cleaning and industrial chemicals

Specification Clause

    Abrasion Resistance Tabor CS-17, mg loss/1000 cycles/1000g mass



    ASTM D4060



    25 mg

    Coefficient if Friction- COF James Test


    ASTM D2047


    0.65(w/GLOSS GRIP)


    ASTM D2370



    ASTM D2794

    140 in.lbs Direct &



    Hardness (Pencil)


    ASTM D3363



Technical Data

    Flash Point

    ASTM D3278


    Volume Solids (mixed)

    ASTM D2369


    Mixed Viscosity

    ASTM D2196

    300-500 cPs


    Dry Time


    ASTM D5895

    Tack Free 8 hr Dry 16-24 hr

    Full Cure 7-14 days


    VOC-Volatile Organic Compound


    ASTM D3960


    < 250 g/l Pigmented

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