Leveltop ThickNthin

Leveltop ThickNthin underlayment product is designed for rectifying undulation on concrete floors to allow application of carpet, wooden flooring or other covering on a flat surface.

Leveltop  ThickNthin


ThickNthin is most versatile polymer modified underlayment designed to be applied at 3mm upto 50mm thickness and upto 75mm with bigger aggregates (6mm). Product is suitable for rectification of undulation in the flooring prior to the application of other topping.

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    • Incorporates the latest polymer technology with cementitious material.

    • Contains recycled material hence environmentally friendly.

    • Fast setting hence less downtime on the application.

    • Contains self-curing properties.

    • Can be pumped or poured.

Specification Clause

    • The product shall be polymer modified cementitious powder with 25 N/mm2 compressive strength.
    • The product shall be in powder form, self-smoothing, and need only the addition of water at the site.


Technical Data

    Uses: Leveling of the concrete floor to get a flat surface

    Method Of Application:  Self-smoothing with the notched trowel

    Application Thickness: 3mm to 50mm

    Packing: 25 kg

Project Profile

    Application of Laveltop at Chemtech House at Vikhroli, Mumbai.

    Multichem's LevelTop ThickNthin was applied on the concrete floor at Chemtech House to get flat floor, prerequisite for carpet. 

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