MICROTOP: Rich Cementitious Finish

Microtop: Ultra modern, joint less concrete floors with a paper thickness of 3 micrometer, ideal to renovate your indoor and outdoor floors. Create your own "UNIQUE & MADE FOR YOUR FLOOR" according to your needs by choosing amongst countless colours, effects and finishes. You deserve thin layer advanced rich look flooring with stone strength.



Microtop®  is a polymer and Portland cement-based topping for resurfacing concrete floor & wall. Microtop® is installed over interior, exterior concrete subfloors to provide level and smooth floors for retail, commercial, light manufacturing areas and all areas requiring a hard, smooth, flat concrete surface. Microtop is coated with a Realcrete®  approved sealer such as Aquathane® or Clearseal® just 8 hours after installation except when an epoxy or other floor covering will be installed.

Microtop® is suitable for installation of fully bonded, thin-sectioned layers of up to 1/16” each. Use Microtop® for interior or exterior restoration including: hotels, casinos, restaurants, food service areas in malls and retail shops, as well as residential applications. Microtop® is available in two grades, RG, regular grade, and SG, Smooth Grade. Because Microtop® RG dries to a semi-rough texture, it is perfect for use around pool decks and other exterior applications where slip resistance is a concern. Microtop® RG can be applied in more than one layer. If a smoother look is desired, the final layer can be applied using Microtop® SGMicrotop® is mixed on-site for ease of application. It is available in a white or standard gray mix, combined with water to get workable slurry.

When the topping has cured, it may be colored or stained with REALCRETE® Staincrete systems, Overlaycrete, or REALCRETE® Freestyle. In addition, the topping should be sealed with a Clearseal® Sealer.

• Creates A New Surface
• Can Be Colored & Stained
• No Primer Required
• Available In White & Grey

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    • High fluidity for fast installation
    • Remains workable for over  30 minutes with slight agitation
    • Trowable
    • Low in-place cost
    • Non-shrinking
    • Ready for foot traffic in 6 hours
    • Return to service in 24 hours
    • Highly durable to resist gouging from construction activity

Specification Clause

    Compressive strength
    (modified ASTM C109)

    3 day...1470 psi (10 MPa)
    7 day...5000 psi (34 MPa) 

Technical Data




    25 kg

    Working time:

    30 minutes @ 28°C

    Final Set:

    60-90 minutes @ 28°C (gray)


    White and Gray

    Compressive strength
    (modified ASTM C109)

    3 day...1470 psi (10 MPa)
    7 day...5000 psi (34 MPa) 


    300-350ft2/25kg bag

    Tensile strength (ASTM C348)

    28 day....720 psi....(5 MPa)

    Flexural strength (ASTM C190)

    28 day....1440 psi..(10 MPa)

Project Profile

    Microtop Carpet Design


    Creating carpet design using Microtop and Staincrete.

    Completion of Project: Year 2008

    Microtop in Bathroom

    Microtop with Clearseal Aquathane Clear

    Microtop in Bathroom


    Microtop with Star Stencil


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