TraffiCoat: High performance epoxy based car parking system for interior use



Trafficoat is a two component epoxy wear-coat for parking decks giving skid and abrasion resistance floor. Being designed on special epoxy resins and additives, the product offers long term protection of concrete/metal surface with high level of aesthetic look and soothing ambience.

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    Incorporates the latest epoxy polymer technology


    High bond strength, hence ensures monolithic performance of the top layer


    Available in wide range of colours

Specification Clause

    The Trafficoat  shall be two/three  component, epoxy polymer, incorporating micropolymer products.


    Should have bond strength of 2.6 N/mm2 with substrate.

Technical Data

    Uses : 

    Self smoothing coating  on concrete floor, for high abrasion and chemical resistance performance.


    Method of Application :

    Roller, notch trowel


    Application thickenss :

    1.2 to 2 mm thick 


    Packing : 

    5kg, 20 kg

Project Profile

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