Vapourgard is most important moisture mitigation solution, designed to block water vapours to passing through the floors. Thus it helps in protecting underlayment and overlays.



Moisture related problems with floor coverings and coatings applied over concrete slabs have createdsignificant problems over the years for formulators, specifiers, contractors, and owners in the construction industry.

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry due to its strength, durability, resilience, safety, and low cost. However, concrete beingpermeable allows moisture contained below the slab, or trapped in the concrete itself, to migrate as a vapor phase to the concrete surface. This moisture transfer phenomenon accounts for many flooring failures with millions of moneylost annually; and, the construction team from manufacturers, installers and project architects have to bear lot of losses.

Vapourgard is the solution to such moisture mitigation, designed to block water vapours to pass through the floors. Thus it helps in protecting toppings/coatings over concrete floors.

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    • High bond strength to dry and damp concrete, hence ensures monolithic performance of the top layer
    • Waterproofing charastics hence maintains floor leakfree.
    • High compressive strength

Specification Clause

    The Vapourgard is a two component resin based deep penetrating floor coating/primer.

    Should have bond strength of 2.0 N/mm2 with wet concrete.

Technical Data


    Used as moisture vapour barrier


    Method of Application:

    By squeegee or metal trowel to properly prepared concrete surface.


    Application thickenss:

    one to two coats by roller or brush to get 250 to 400 microns


    5kg, 20 kg

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