Dock Yard Control Panel Room Electrical Insulation Coating

Dock yards normally are have high voltage cable control rooms. For the safety of the operators, all floors should be coated with high performance electric insulation coating to avoid any sock to human being. The present dock yard control floor was coating with Electrogard ELI-3300, which has breakdown voltage rating of more than 40 KV.


Project Detail

Electrical control room are designed to have complete protection of operators from electrical shocks. For high voltage carrying cables, it was important to have electrical insulation coating which is reliable as well as durable. Dock Yard control panel floor was coated with high performance ELECTROGARD ELI-3300 product.

Select Parameters


    Naval Dock Yard


    Dock Yards

Project Location

    Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh

Project Completion Year


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