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Technical Zone Faq

You may have many questions to be asked related to monolithic flooring products, their usages and application. Floorkrete team have tried to list down frequently asked technical questions. However if you have questioned not answered below please do contact us or write to

  • What is resin flooring?

    A resin floor is a hard wearing plastic surface, created by mixing together a selection of ingredients to initiate a fast and controlled chemical reaction. The chemical reaction creates a highly durable finish, ideal for the most demanding environments.

  • How many major synthetic resin floorings avaialbe in the market??

    Mostly, resin floorings are available in epoxy, methyl methacrylates (MMA), acrylate, polyurethane, or polyaspartic coatings. In India, cement flooring is also used frequently.

  • What is epoxy flooring? How Floorkrete epoxy flooring is different from other epoxy floorings available in the market??

    Synthetic resins were created to mimic naturally occurring resins: viscous liquids that are capable of hardening permanently. The first successfully created synthetic resin was epoxy, in 1936. Epoxy is a particuarly great choice for a floor that experiences frequent traffic, holds heavy equipment, or is exposed to penetrating stains. These might include but are not limited to manufacturing and other industrial facilities, kitchens, food prep areas, and more. Epoxy flooring is considered to be one of the strongest floor coatings available. Floorkrete epoxy flooring derives more than 60 years of cumulative experiece with utilization of recent advances in technology. All epoxy floorings may look alike, but durability can vary with time.

  • What is PU flooring? How Floorkrete PU flooring is different from other PU floorings available in the market??

    Polyurethane floors are usually softer and more elastic, which makes them more resistant to scratching as their elasticity tends to absorb some of the impact. The elasticity of PU floors also makes them a preferred choice in freezing chambers where the storage temperature can reach -30 degrees Celsius (-22 F). They are also a good choice for multideck car-parks since the elastic coating can act as a waterproofing and crack-bridging layer. Floorkrete PU Flooring is designed to cover wide range of applications, with most advanced technogoies developed till the date.

  • What is MMA flooring & where it is used?

    MMA, or methyl methacrylate, is the ultimate flooring solution for fast and rapid installations in low & room temperature environments. MMA flooring has properties which are beneficial in food and beverage and retail industries, including, but not limited to, chemical, slip, and water resistance. MMA floorings are available in attractive colours and finishes.

  • What is dielectric insulation coating and where it is used?

    Dielectric or also called electric insulation coating is used on the floors and wall where shock protection to human being is a must. Electrogard is available in 9 grades to give shockproof surface.

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