ElectroGard ELI: Special epoxy resin based two component electric insulation coatings for protection from sudden current flow and flash-over deadly hazard.

Product Details

Electrogard range of products  widely used as insulation material in electrical and electronic applications. They are employed as adhesives, sealants, coatings, impregnants, moldings and potting compounds to produce void-free insulation around components. The selection of a specific  formulation for a given application requires not only an understanding of desirable dielectric properties, but also many other characteristics such as physical and mechanical strength, chemical resistance, operating temperature range and thermal cycling, dimensional stability and resistance to shock and vibration.

Electrogard ELI and other series offer high dielctriec properties, floors with protection will not show any deterioration over the period of time.


Some of application areas are:

1. Electrical, electronic and communication industries

2. Electric insulation on floor in front of electric panels

3. LT/HT laboratiries, sub stations, solar cell productions units, 

4. Bus bars and many more.

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