FloorThane Electroshield: Range of flooring products with electrostatic dissipation and electrostatic conductive flooring based on polyurethane resins

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FLOORTHANE ELECTROSHIELD: Electrostatic Dissipation and Conductive Floorings

Advancement of more and more Electronics assembly and manufacturing facilities, it has become more important to  adhere  strict ESD-Control programs.  Once followed, manufacturers will  have low product scrap rates, limit failure rates and meet customer requirements. Nowi and in the future, more than ever, the need for a comprehensive ESD Control program is imperative in providing a solid foundation for compliance as future ESD-related specifications and guidelines become more stringent.


The development of digital media has let to the development of smaller, faster and more powerful electronics, which are more sensitive to static damage. Static damages are created because of generation of electrostatic charges on the floors during the movement of people, carts, chairs and vehicles. This situation has led to an extreme demand on quality and production engineers to limit ESD events in their facility.  The best way to safely and efficiently ground mobile items and persons in the workplace remains the floor.


Floorkrete is on continuous development to offer product system  to comply with the ever advancing electronics industry and the requirements created by sensitive components for lower triboelectric effect. Tribocharging refers to the phenomenon of charging two solid surfaces when they are brought into contact and separated  acquiring positive or negative polarities based on the mechanisms of charge transfer. The hazards and problems related to tribocharging have been long known, and reports of related instances can be dated back to as early as 1745, when jets of water from an electrostatic machine led to the ignition of Spritius Frobenii (a sulfuric ether).  Electroshield  UD-5410, Electroshield ULD-5411 and Electroshield ULD-5412 establishes a high-contact monolithic floor surface with a fully conductive pigment, that is directly connected to a confirmed earth ground, is key in maximizing generation related-performance.


FloorThane Electroshield  ESD Systems are formulated to offer reliable ESD properties, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with UV stability.


Electroshield systems are ideal for use in facilities such as: Avionics, Electronic Assembly Telecommunications Clean Rooms etc.


Floowing are the range of Floorthane Electroshield products. 

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